Three Month Olds

I’ll be honest, I used to dread my baby planners three month old session just a little bit.  Not that I don’t LOVE three month olds–they are adorable.  It’s just that I wasn’t really sure what to DO with them.  They aren’t curly and sleepy like  newborn and they can’t sit up like a six month old, so the posing options are a bit more limited.  I no longer dread the three month old sessions and I think the turning point for me was when I let go of what they couldn’t do and embraced what they could do.  Three month olds can usually smile and although they prefer to smile at faces rather than big, black cameras, we do usually get a few smiles captured at the three month session.  Every once in a while, a three month old will fall asleep during a session and let me get a few sleeping baby photos.  These two shots of Bodhi, a recent three month old, demonstrating the sleeping shot and the smiling shot–both taken within a few seconds of each other!  It’s amazing what a little “power nap” can do. :)



Did you notice Bodhi’s little dimpled chin–I love it–like a little John Travolta!  So cute!

If I can convince parents to wait until a week or two after the three month “birthday” then the baby usually has pretty good head control and I can get shots like this.  Embry is actually closer to four months in these photos, but look at her hold that head up!



The three month session is also a good time to get a few mom/baby shots or dad/baby shots.


I have also discovered that three months is a great time to do my popular “baby bits” collage photos.  They are usually all filled out with chubby rolls but not going anywhere yet…a great time to capture all those beautiful little baby parts.  This recent three month old, Saige, had some adorable baby rolls!


Yay for three month old babies!  I have another one coming on Saturday and I can’t wait to see her again.

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