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What’s that you say?  I don’t have boys?  I am the proud mother of three beautiful girls, but no boys?  Yes, you’re right, I don’t actually have any boys BUT I tell these brothers every year that they are my boys.  I have photographed these four brothers for quite a few years now and have literally watched them grow up right before my lens.  I look forward to their session every year…..we laugh, we joke, we have fun.  This year there may have possibly been some climbing of fences, bodily noises jokes, and throwing items at each other during the session.  In the interest of everyone’s safety….I’d better not give any further details.

We shot their session at a school, so you’ll notice the use of some school items like the desk and pencils.


We may have had a bit too much fun with the pencils.  Nah, it was just the right amount of fun I think. :)






And then they got their game faces on for a few:



Thanks to the S boys for a ton of fun on a chilly day.  I can’t wait to do it again.  If I did have boys, I’d want them to be at polite, fun and adventurous as you!

In case you missed some important information in the previous post, it bears repeating:

*I am now booking sessions for January and February 2011.  Please email me at if you’d like more information.

*I am offering a fantastic special for newborn sessions due in January and February.  Your entire session fee will be given to you as a print credit toward your order.  Please email me to reserve your spot if you are due in January or February.  If you know someone who is expecting during those months, pass along this great deal to them.

*Save the date of January 22, 2011 for the Uppercase Photography Studio Open House.  Bring the kids and drop by any time between 8:30am and 11:30am.  You won’t want to miss the fun, giveaways, goody bags and more!

*I will be away from the studio December 16-27th.  All calls and emails will be answered upon my return.

December 27, 2010 - 11:44 pm Kel Ward - These are freaking awesome!!!

December 19, 2010 - 10:47 pm Sylvia Borgo - GAH!!! How fun!! I am a proud mother of 2 boys and can definitely vouch for the energy and love and goofiness that comes with boys. This session produced so many fantastic shots! Bravo!

December 16, 2010 - 10:05 am Leah Jent - I love how fun this session is! Gosh those boys are handsome. Great work!

December 14, 2010 - 10:54 am Deirdre Dunham - I want to pinch the cheeks of these 4 cute boys! This session looks like is was so much fun. That shot in front of the Broncos logo is pure joy - boys and their sports, gotta love it!

December 13, 2010 - 7:18 pm Michelle Geis - What a fun session! Love these.

December 13, 2010 - 9:20 am Nicole Z - Oh Julie....these are so much fun! What a great family! 4 boys?!?! I can only imagine how much fun that household is! I have two boys and something gets broken every day! LOL Really great, fun session Julie!!!

December 13, 2010 - 12:08 am Julie Delgado - So fun. Such cute boys. Love them all.

December 12, 2010 - 10:58 pm Rowena - These look so fun! Love your work! And "your boys" are really handsome! :)

December 12, 2010 - 10:50 pm Liat Biderovsky - These are soooooo cute! I love them!

December 12, 2010 - 9:33 pm Anelle - Love These! LOVE!!!

December 12, 2010 - 9:19 pm Jen Reif - What a fun session!! It looks like you had a great time with these boys. Great work, Julie!!

December 12, 2010 - 8:10 pm Gail - OMG - looks like y'all had so much fun with this session! Incredible color and I just love the styling of this session! Awesome work!

December 12, 2010 - 1:44 pm ashley - Oh my gosh Julie! I totally love this session! Such handsome fellows and I just love the way you captured them and the carefree spirit here. Just awesome!!!

December 11, 2010 - 9:43 pm amy - love this session!! so fun! love the pencils!!

December 11, 2010 - 7:25 am Barbara Hurst - So cute, love the pencils. Awesome

December 11, 2010 - 6:52 am Brandi-lee - What a wonderful funloving session, I love the idea of the pencils and that shot with them all in their orange and blue jerseys is fantastic!!

December 10, 2010 - 9:50 pm Kari Wright - Julie, you are so fun and creative! I just love to look at your work. These guys look like they were a blast and they are super handsome.

December 10, 2010 - 5:16 pm Liz - LOL! Love these! What gorgeous, wonderful boys!! Great session Julie! They must adore these!

December 10, 2010 - 5:01 pm Tori Piercy - OK those boys couldn't get more handsome if they tried! And how fun are these?!? LOVE this session!

December 10, 2010 - 3:47 pm Kate Craft - I adore this session. What handsome boys you have!!!

December 10, 2010 - 2:18 pm Scarlett - SO FUN!!! your style is just perfect and I Love how fun this session looked! what a good looking crew! great work!

December 10, 2010 - 12:24 pm desi - i LOVE what you've done here! so creative. the colours are awesome. and the fact that they keep coming back? well that just speaks for itself.

December 10, 2010 - 11:41 am Fabiana Beatriz - Hello from Bronco territory - both Boise State and Denver fans here in Idaho!!! These are SO fun, Julie. You always manage to get the best from everyone that you photograph and these boys look fantastic. Are they going to do a big canvas of the last one for their game room?

December 10, 2010 - 10:51 am Kara Layfield - How fantastic!! These handsome boys look like they would be a blast to be around. I love the pencils and their serious sides! Just so fun!

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