Love Bug

Today Amelia came to celebrate her first birthday with me.  Tomorrow she will be celebrating with her family and friends at a “Love Bug” theme ladybug party.  I had not seen her since she was six months old and she was so much fun!!  She was saying words, taking steps, and doing that adorable “scrunchy nose” face that all my first birthday babies like to do.

In the first photo below, Amelia had just discovered the suitcase we sat her own was the perfect height for her to stand up and take a few steps.  Look at the grin on her face–she was proud of herself!


Gotta have a few black and whites:


As an appetizer to her first birthday cake, she enjoyed a whirly pop. :)


Then it was time for cake.  Her mom brought a ladybug cake, hat, tutu, and matching balloons!  Amelia really enjoyed her cake and I had so much fun watching her dive in–I love it when they aren’t afraid of the whole idea!


Amelia, I hope you have a wonderful Love Bug party tomorrow and I hope you enjoy the cake just as much as you did today!

Availability Update

I have ONE weekend session open between now and the end of May–that date is Sunday, May 24th.  I will open up the summer calendar soon and there will be weekend spaces available for June and beyond.  I DO have plenty of weekday spots available in March, April and May!! Remember, the time will change soon and it will be staying light much later, which is very helpful for shooting outside during the week.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone–make sure to give hugs and kisses to all your own little “Love Bugs.”

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