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It’s been so long since I have taken time to update the blog that I don’t know where to begin in sharing all the wonderful sessions that have taken place this past fall/winter.  So instead I am going to just pick up in the “here and now” and share some personal images taken during our recent snowstorm.  It seems to have really been quite a winter here in NC this year.  The most recent snow was the most my youngest children had ever seen fall and it was magical to watch them outside having a wonderful time.  I personally prefer a warm blanket and a cup of coffee on the inside, but when we woke on day two of the storm to so much snow on the ground and huge flakes still falling…..the photographer in me couldn’t resist.  I enlisted the help of my husband to wrap blankets around the kids between shots and to wrangle our golden retriever, Millie, and off we went for a few snow portraits.  I only spent about 10 minutes shooting each of the girls but I do love and treasure the results.  I hope these will help them always remember the “magic” of a big snow.












And yes you are remembering correctly that I do have three girls.  The oldest is officially a teenager now and was not interested in cooperating for portraits in the snow.  If you have ever had a teenager, you know that you must pick your battles.  This was not one of them. ;)

Speaking of SNOW….there is still time for folks to take advantage of the annual Snow Babies Special.  If you are expecting and due in February or March, contact me at for details about how to apply your full session fee toward your order!  It has been so much fun capturing all the sweet snow babies so far and I would love to create beautiful portraits for your winter baby as well.

I have also begun getting emails inquiring about outdoor sessions.  With all of this cold weather, I think we will all be ready for a beautiful spring!  If you would like outdoor portraits this spring, please inquire at  I am now booking limited session spots for April and May for outdoor sessions.

February 19, 2014 - 4:16 pm Mandy Cochran - Love these pics Julie, some of my favorite that you have ever taken.

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