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Happy New Year!  Can you believe 2015 is already upon us?  I have survived another busy holiday season and am enjoying the slower pace January has to offer.  As I look back on 2014, I try to take stock of what I learned both personally and professionally to prepare me for a new year.  After almost nine years in business I continue to grow and change along with the business and my wonderful loyal clients.  One thing that I think really stuck with me about 2014 was learning not to forget the “in betweeners.”  I spend a lot of time photographing babies (which I adore and can’t get enough of) and  now many of my babies have grown into toddlers and big kids.  I really love when they come back for more portraits as they grow.  For some reason, however, we tend to stop having portrait sessions for children once they reach that “in between” age.  Maybe it’s because they have lost the baby teeth and cute baby chub.  Maybe now they have those grown-up teeth that look too big for their face at first or they have braces.  Maybe it’s because life gets super hectic with soccer practices, school plays and sleepovers.  Maybe it’s because they are old enough to put up a protest to the idea of the dreaded portrait session.  Whatever the reason, it’s so easy to let portrait sessions become a thing of the past for bigger kids, often until it’s time for those senior portraits during their last year of high school.  I hope that the session I am sharing today will convince parents of bigger kids to make time to have a professional photographer capture them.  These two beautiful girls are in sixth grade and ninth grade.  Their mom tells me that they made portrait session day a fun one by leaving school a bit early (gasp! but really, it was just one afternoon and look at the results!) and getting some pampering to get them photo ready.  By the time they met me at the farm for their session they were looking stunning and we had fun looking through all the outfits and accessories they brought along to choose just the right look.  The girls had input in what best suited their personal style and I had input into what would photograph well at our location.  Take a look at the gorgeous end result below.  If you are the parent of children who are “in between,” no longer little kids but not yet a high school senior, I hope this encourages you to make that appointment for a portrait session.  Your bigger kids are awesome, brimming with style and personality (not to mention they are old enough to stand in JUST the right spot for beautiful sunset lighting.)  Capture it!












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