Brand New

I had a chance this week to test out my brand new camera on some equally brand new babies.  Oh how I love photographing sweet, tiny newborns.  Nevermind the marathon length sessions and inevitable pee and poo, there is just something magical about a peacefully sleeping newborn.

Meet Liam.  He is about 2 weeks old in these photos.  I just love his little wrinkled brow!


His sweet parents were, of course, so smitten with little Liam.


Liam added the dangling foot to this shot all on his own…a nice touch I think.


Meet Kaylee.  She is 1.5 weeks old in these photos and was quite the little sleeper.



Kaylee’s dad was soooo good with her.  He could just touch her or stroke her head and she would settle right down–a daddy’s girl already!


Since Kaylee was such a sleepy little thing, I decided to try a shot I have been wanting to do for a while.  I had tried it with one other newborn and didn’t get it quite right, but I thought I had learned from my previous mistakes.  We got Kaylee all positioned and her parents lifted the fabric from both sides.  At that exact moment she opened her little eyes and looked right at me!  I had imagined her sleeping in this photo, but I am mezmorized by her eye contact.


Meet Ansley.  She is 1 week old in these photos.   Her big brother Riley is one of my very favorites subjects and today he brought his new baby sister to meet me!  Riley was sooo good with her already.  In this first photo below, Ansley had started crying and Riley was trying to help by singing (loudly!) to her. :)


Check out his chubby little toddler fingers holding on to her in the photo below…just melts my heart!


Ansley’s mom brought a beautiful handmade blanket and bonnet that she had found at the Autumn Leaves Festival last fall.



I hope we will all get to watch these sweet little cuties grow during their first year.  It is so much fun to see their personalities develop and watch them grow up.  As we all know, it happens way too fast!

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