The Best Laid Plans…

Sometimes when sessions don’t go as planned, people apologize to me for whatever is going awry–fussy kids, running late, etc.  So tonight I thought I would let you know that even with my own kids–things never go “as planned.”  I have had this weekend set aside for taking pictures of my youngest, Stella, to mark her 18 months milestone.  I knew we were planning to travel to Raleigh to see the Wolfpack play so I would not be booking other sessions–a perfect time to focus on my little girl.  I had this idea to do the session in a laundromat (this is where my husband begins to think I am crazy).  I scope out a local landromat and decide that it will have the best natural light and hopefully be less crowded early in the day.  So on Saturday we get up and brave the 9 degree weather to head over to the laundromat and take pictures of Stella before heading to Raleigh (this is where my husband thinks I’m REALLY crazy).  Well of course it didn’t work out like I planned.  There were already quite a few people doing laundry at 8:45am–better them than me!  We had the other girls with us and they wanted to play on a playspace (you know like at McDonald’s) that was in the laundromat–did you know that laundromats have these things because I didn’t.  Well, of course Stella only wanted to play on it too.  After about 20 minutes of trying to convince her that playing with me and my camera would be more fun, I gave up.  We bundled everyone back up and headed back to the car with only a few photos to show for our trouble.


Thankfully, the trip to Raleigh was great and we enjoyed seeing the Wolfpack win in overtime against Georgia Tech.  They always win when we take the girls down to the game–we apparently should do it more often.  I tell Tory that after all the trouble it takes to travel with them to Raleigh and make it through the entire game, it would just be cruel and unusual punishment for them to lose.  So, thankfully, they won–Go Pack!


This evening, I decided that we would take Stella down to the studio and try again for some pictures of her.  At first things were going well, she was looking at me and smiling.


Just a couple of minutes after the above photo was taken, she stood up on the stool she was sitting on.  It toppled over and she fell.  There was blood and a swollen lip and some big crocodile tears.  Janet, if you’re out there reading, I immediately thought of you and your sweet boy during his one year session. :)  So did I stop there and call it a day–nope (This is where my husband begins to think I am certifiably INSANE).  I put her in a tutu and we kept going, swollen lip and all.  She really wasn’t into after that, can’t blame her I guess.  This was about the best we managed after the accident.


At least maybe we’ll have a good story to tell her when she’s older.  So when things don’t go as planned for  your session–don’t worry.  I am a mom to three and unpredictability is the story of my life! :)

I have 5 sessions this week, so the blog should be hopping with new photos very soon!

On a different note–I am looking for upcoming high school seniors (Class of 2010) interested in free photos from UpperCase Photography.  Do you know anyone with kids this age?  If so, let them know about this wonderful opportunity.  All they need to do is email me a recent snapshot of themselves and tell me a bit about themselves–where do they attend school and what kinds of activities are they involved in there.  This opportunity is open to all area high schools in Forsyth, Guilford and surrounding counties.  I will provide more details to those who email me!

January 19, 2009 - 11:23 pm Michelle - You just never know when that perfect kodak moment will turn up! All of the pics are "tutu' cute and what a great story! I'm glad things like that happen to other Moms, too. :-)

January 19, 2009 - 3:03 pm Kara Dail - That is HILARIOUS - that last shot is precious:)

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