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Belly to Baby | Winston Salem Maternity Photographer

ShareI love shooting maternity sessions.  Even though they may not always feel that they look their best, I find expectant mommies to be beautiful and glowing.  S was no exception and she just radiates in her maternity images.  The B family invited me to their home to capture the maternity portion of the maternity/newborn package...

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Smile | Winston Salem Newborn Photographer

ShareI am a lover of popular Top 40 music, much to my husband’s dismay.  I think he cringes every time he rides in the minivan and hears me and my three little back-up singers belting out mindless but catchy hits by Usher or Lady GaGa.  I know, I know, we could be listening to something...

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A if for Apple | Winston Salem Photographer

ShareA is for apple and for Miss A,who loved checking out this green apple during her session.

Miss A’s session was shot on her family’s land.  How special it was to capture her discovering grass in the same fields that have been used by her family for generations…a fresh new life supported and shaped those who...

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Comfort Zone | Greensboro Newborn Baby Photographer

ShareI felt right in my comfort zone when this beautiful family walked into the studio.  Mom and Dad brought along brand new Miss E. and her two big sisters.  Three gorgeous daughters…yes, I know that scenario very well.

I commend this family for making sure that even as the third child of the family, Miss E....

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And Baby Makes Three | Winston Salem Newborn Photographer

ShareAs I was editing this session I thought about sweet baby B and how he would like having twin big sisters as he grows up.  I’m sure that on occasion it will feel like he has too many mommy figures keeping him in line.  But just  look at the love on their faces in these...

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Summertime Giveaway Winner | Winston Salem, Greensboro Photographer

ShareI met the winner of my Summertime Giveaway bright and very early one morning for her session.  Since it was near sunrise, it wasn’t overwhelmingly hot yet and Miss A was bright eyed and chipper.  I loved all the wide variety of expressions she showed me during her session!

Thanks Miss A for a great session...

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Whatever the Weather | Winston Salem Children’s Photographer

ShareMiss S’s session had already been rescheduled once due to an illness so when the date for her reschedule approached and the weather was looking grim, I was a bit disappointed.  She was traveling all the way from Chapel Hill and I really wanted to give her family some wonderful outdoor images that I knew...

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Version 2.0 | Winston Salem, Greensboro Newborn Photographer

ShareAfter being in business for several years now, I am really getting to watch families grow.  So many families whose children I photographed as newborns are now having new babies.  It is the ultimate compliment when clients come back to see me again, especially when entrusting me to capture a new addition to their growing...

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The First | Winston Salem Photography Studio

ShareAll newborns are memorable.  That’s exactly why I love capturing them so much.  Each one has a unique little face, hands and feet, expressions, head of hair.  Some are long and lean; some are compact and filled out.  But THIS newborn, this one is memorable for all those reasons and for one more…a few weeks...

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Horsing Around | Winston Salem Child Photographer

ShareThere was so much to love about this session!  I traveled to beautiful Pilot Mountain, NC to meet this family at their home.  Not just any home though, this home was complete with open fields, an old cabin, barns, horses AND two absolutely adorable children.  We ran and played, we explored, we got lots of...

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